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this is the same game as your previous one but with different textures, please make something different

Gave it a go as the first game in a 3 Random Horror Games video and I had the same issue with this game as I did with the Baldi's Nightmare game. Too short, no real threat and everything feels so wiggly for some reason.

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Wellcome to Ukraine

Gave it a go...

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This Game is very scary. i enjoyed the gameplay, puzzles and even story. you played as a little girl who's having nightmares of her evil mime who tortured her for years. i recommend this game for people who likes puzzles and scary games and silent hill .also, please add more levels. puzzles and enemies and control screen and more cutscenes in the next update

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I got the same thing as the dude below me. There is no 'play' button. I even tried downloading the game a few times.

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I'll fix it, if you have any other problem, tell me


Can only Choose to quit the game in the game menu. No options to start the game.

I do not know what the problem is, I get the option to start, it must be your computer

Fair enough. I get this screen.

I'll fix it, if you have any other problem, tell me